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  • 15.02.2011 - 18.03.2011
  • 15.02.2011
  • Biblioteca Judeteana "Octavian Goga" Cluj-Napoca

The Exhibition "Andean Sequences", Authors:Septimiu Bizo, Șerban Schiau, Cluj-Napoca, Ro

       The Artimage Association and the "Octavian Goga" County Library, from Cluj-Napoca, are pleased to invite you to take part in the opening of the exhibition "Andeane Sequences" on 15th February 2011, 18.00hr. Two photographers from Cluj, Septimiu Bizo and Șerban Schiau - nature lovers and passionate mountain wanderers - are presenting in a visual manner an expedition in Peru, a country that preserves a millenial history, unseen places and a remarcable culture.
       The two photographers proceed the series of exhibition of novel travels, and after two other presentations "Traveller in Patagonia" and "Northern Lights", bring to our attention another captivating travel. After 3000 km in one month, the photographers have reached the arid Atacama Dessert, the great Titicaca lake, the marvellous Machu Picchu and the savage Amazon.